Williams Custom Knives To live by fire and steel is a direction not taken with irreverance; for the steel is shaped less than the man.
Gallery 2
Gallery 2

Quachita Damascus Hunter

This little hunter; pronounced " wash-it-ta"; is  named for the mountains in this area.  
  It has been a highly successful style for me. Short enough to carry handily; with enough point and belly to do any field dressing or utility work required

Specs...3.75" damascus blade in 1084 and 15N20... stag and leather combined in a classic shape..416 stainless fittings

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Lick Creek Hunter
From small game to deer; the perfect shape and size to work right.
Specs......3.25" blade 1084.... dovetailed jigged bone handle and 416stainless fittings... AVAILABLE!!!

Camp Knife
For the things you really do with a camp knife.
Specs ...2 3/4 inch damascus blade.....Desert Ironwood handle.....naval bronze fittings

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