Williams Custom Knives To live by fire and steel is a direction not taken with irreverance; for the steel is shaped less than the man.
Gallery 1
Gallery 1

Bowies and Fighters

2015 Project of the Year

Elegance in damascus. This "one of" Damascus dagger has a blade and handle of "organic" damascus.
The hollow handle with the same steel has the blade is on the cutting edge of blade forging difficulty.
The fine silver accents and low key engraving are all sole authorship.
The complete knife is of nitre blued 1084 & 15n20

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Ria Negra

Black Tie Fighter

An investment grade knife that is incredibly quick in the hand. The long blade makes it decidedly serious even in formal attire.

Specs: Blade..........11 1/4 inch "broken W" pattern
            Handle.........African Blackwood with skeleton buttcap.
            Fittings.........416 Stainless Steel

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Red River Bowie

Specs:   Blade......... 10 1/2 inches ladder damascus
              Handle........amber stag
              Fittings........colored, coined and checkered stainless

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