Williams Custom Knives To live by fire and steel is a direction not taken with irreverance; for the steel is shaped less than the man.

Knifemaking Awards that I have been fortunate enough to recieve over the years.

2005       W.W. Scagel Award            American Bladesmith Society
2013 Best of the Rest Blade Show
2013 Best Utility Hunter Blade Show
2013 Best Fighter Arkansas Custom Knife Show
2010      Best Utility Hunter                Blade Show 

2005      Best Forged Blade               Blade Show

2005     Best Non-Damascus Knife      Blade Handmade Awards

2004     Best Utility Hunter                Blade Show 

2004     Best Hunter                         Blade Handmade Awards

2003     Best Bowie                          Spirit of Steel Show

2002     Best Hunter                         Spirit of Steel Show

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