Williams Custom Knives To live by fire and steel is a direction not taken with irreverance; for the steel is shaped less than the man.
About Us
About Us

   Williams Custom Knives is located in the hills and rivers of southeast Oklahoma.
With my wife Melinda we live a basic, simple lifestyle aside from the knife business. The yard, the garden, the cats, and our old farmhouse is pretty much it.
    I started making knives in my spare time in the mid 80's by stock removal out of old files. In 1989 I attended a hammer-in in Old Washington Arkansas. After looking over the forged knives and watching Bill Moran cut with one of his knives; I was hooked. All my blades have been forged ever since.
   A lifetime in the outdoors has given me a pretty solid insight into what really works on a knife.Years of conducting cutting events all around the U.S. has solidified that into getting the very most out of a blade.
  Williams Custom Knives is a world away from today's usual marketing of imported, mass produced goods; where " cheaper is always better".
   A custom, handmade knife; crafted one at a time with total dedication to fit, finish, and design; gives a "pride of ownership" that is hard to find in todays' world.
 We look forward to working with you to create that one of a kind knife that is....YOU.

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