Williams Custom Knives To live by fire and steel is a direction not taken with irreverance; for the steel is shaped less than the man.

Forge welding on the Little Giant

    I am a full time knifemaker; recieving my Mastersmith rating from the American Bladesmith Society in 2000. 
    As a certified instructor for the ABS ; I teach classes regularly. I have instructed and done demos at hammer-ins all around the United States.
   My goal is to create for you a knife of superb workmanship; whether it may be an investment/collector grade knife of rare materials or a working knife that must perform to all expectations. It will be a handmade, one of a kind knife that you will be proud to own and pass down to future generations.

Mike Williams

Warranty Policy

  My warranty is simple. If your knife has a failure due to workmanship; I will repair it, replace it, or refund the original purchace price. This is at my option due to shop workloads, material cost variances and availabilities.
 Natural handle materials are just that; natural. Under the vagaries of heat, cold, moisture and time they do tend to move . I can not cover that under warranty but I will work with you on any issues that may arise to your complete satisfaction. With a little care most problems can be easily avoided.

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